Introduction of Shopping Ads

Today we launch Shopping Ad which is the latest format for our advertising display.

During testing a few months ago, we named it an E-commerce Ad. However, to avoid misleading advertisers, we have given it a new name, a Shopping Ad.

Shopping Ad creates a unique ad format for advertisers who have e-commerce sites or classifieds/directory sites. It provides highly flexible display layouts which can display text + image, text-only or image-only ads.

Advertisers can define multiple texts only, image only or text + image layouts and use these layouts to make highly flexible display layouts. These ads can include images, titles, descriptions, pricing info, and buy button links of items. Advertisers can also define different color themes and font settings to be used in these layouts.

Advertisers who run e-commerce sites, classifieds/directory sites can create ads to showcase products/listings interactively. Multiple items from such sites will be displayed in a scrolling slider. Each item in an ad can have a call to action button also. Advertisers can also include logo and headline text in the display.