With our user friendly interface, you will be able to create and control compelling ad campaigns, refine performance, and evaluate results.

Recall your audience with Retargeting

How IgniterAds Retargeting Works

Users clicked your ad but left without purchasing your product or services

IgniterAds will seek them online and show them your ads on other websites

Users are recalled to your site and will complete desired action, be it a purchase or a conversion

The reasons for choosing Retargeting are simple

Reach beyond mainstream sites like Google & Facebook
Get your organic search, social & paid traffic back for as low as $0.005 per visitor. Boost the ROI for every ad campaign you launched!

Earn trust and a good reputation for your brand
Your brand gets more exposure and recognition for each time your retargeting ad is seen by your customers.

Enhanced sales & conversion rates
Recall visitors to your site by displaying customized ads throughout the web. This is how you convert window-shopper into buyers!

Amplify your User Retention Rate
Be a smart marketer! Trigger and nurture prospects with free trials or bonus offers.

Reclaim lost customers
Upselling, new products promotion, and regularly update customers about available loyalty programs will lure them back.

We accommodate all types and sizes of online businesses

Binary Options

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Why IgniterAds Retargeting is a powerful tool

We are able to display your ads prominently across more than 30,000 websites with a 300 Millions audience monthly

Second Price Auction allows you to buy your target audience on a discount

Launch ads, measure performance and elevate your ad campaigns with our self-service dashboard

Incorporate retargeting with other settings to effectively display your ads in a segment that ensure conversion

Our ad solutions are ideal for any platform regardless of which devices your audience uses

Instant reports of clicks, impressions, and costs on all target levels

Retain your customers across a strong network of 30,000 websites