Introduction of Cost per Action (CPA) Pricing Model

Introducing CPA (Cost per Action), our latest pricing model for advertising.

What is CPA Ads?

Cost Per Action (CPA), also known as pay per action (PPA), allows advertisers to pay for specific actions performed by a visitor on their websites such as e-commerce site, contact request, newsletter sign-up, registration, purchase, and more. CPA is the best advertising strategy for advertisers since it ensures that they pay only for actual actions.

What display formats can I combine with CPA?

All display formats are allowed. These include:

  • Banner Ad
  • Text + Image Ad
  • Shopping Ad
  • Text Ad
  • Ad Interstitial
  • Native Ad

CPA is the latest trend where advertising wants 100% sales conversion. With CPA, sales are 100% confirmed. Each advertising budget you spend is the accurate result of the profits you will earn. It’s not like CPC and CPM that is only suitable for advertising your brand, attracting visitors to websites and more.