Prosper with AdTech

Who we are

Established in 2017, we have risen among the ranks to become one of the leading ad traffic network. We grew into the most high-end Adtech platform with a foray into the native advertising industry. IgniterAds is an Adtech company offering worldwide, solid marketing solutions.

IgniterAds builds an integrated marketing network as our Self-Serve platform consolidates advertisers and publishers from around the globe. We are proud to be able to successfully launch thousands of advertising campaigns daily, and we have become one of the biggest alternative traffic sources with 300 Million monthly reach across all types of desktop and mobile devices.


Our philosophy

We truly believe that there’s a place and audience in the market for every brand, products or services.

We make this possible by assisting our client to decide the best solution for their business, without breaking the bank. IgniterAds provides them with cost effective marketing solutions that is worth every dime and will skyrocket their business worldwide.

What makes us different is in our core values that are the sturdy base for our ceiling breaking growth over the past 3 years of formation.

How are we beneficial to publishers and performance marketers?


We value your trust highly and we will serve you in a transparent manner so you can sustain your financial freedom.


We will fully utilize our expertise and our vast network to your maximum potential. We actively seek and open doors for our affiliates to make more money.


We maintain things clear and simple. With a comprehensive and expansive reporting will aid you in making the best decision.


We will position you at the vanguard of cutting edge, ad technology ideas. Being proactive, we will create new solutions if there are none available.

How does that translate in numbers?


Million audience coverage


Thousand Ad campaigns monthly


Million tracked conversions monthly


Thousand active advertisers

Our Journey

April 2017

That's One Small Step For A Man, One Giant Leap For Mankind

IgniterAds was founded.

July 2017

First Ad Server

Deploying our first ad server. The proprietary technology featured banner and text ad for advertisers and publishers.

December 2017

More Ad Features

Ad system upgrade for advertiser and publisher. Introduction of Native and Interstitial ad.

January 2018

More Partners

More and more publishers signing to our publishing programs.

April 2018

Here Comes The POP Ads!

Introduction of Pop Ads. Featuring three types of Pop; Pop Up, Pop Under and New Tab.

April 2018


Things getting serious. Upgrading our ad servers. Serving 600 million impressions daily.

May 2018

Singapore And Indonesia Here We Come!

Establishing remote support for our client in the regions via our local associates.

August 2018

Skrill Payment Integration

Introducing Skrill payment mode for the publisher

September 2018

More Continents!

IgniterAds is widely accepted in Europe and North America.

April 2019

Hello Skin Ad!

Say hello to our new Skin Ad! Now in beta testing.

May 2019

Cryptocurrency Payment Integration

Introducing a cryptocurrency payment method by Coinpayments for all IgniterAds advertisers and publishers.

May 2019

Introducing Our Managed Services Plan

Introduction of Managed Services Plan for business and enterprise.

June 2019

The Number Of Publishers Has Reached 30,000

As of today, we’ve reached 30,000! Thank you for your support.

September 2019

Upcoming Plan: Syhh.. It's a Top Secret

Development of a new type of ad and display format.

April 2020

Upcoming Plan: Hello London!

We’re going to Europe! Stay tuned for our latest news (UPDATES: Plans were restructured and rescheduled due to Covid-19).