Development for Responsive Ads is underway

Please be informed that IgniterAds is currently testing for the latest Responsive Ad display format.

What is a Responsive Ad display?

Responsive ad display lets publishers use single ad code for a desktop view as well as mobile view which automatically loads best matching ad display units on their websites.

Responsive ad display supports iframe-based ad display units in CPC, CPM and CPA pricing models subject to availability of respective addons.

For example, when an advertiser uses a 468x60px banner, it is a horizontal type banner. There will be a problem when smartphone users see it. The banner size will decrease or the right side of the banner will disappear from the smartphone display.

To address this issue, an advertiser must provide us with one of the following 3 banner categories:

Horizontal (desktop):

  • 728x90px – recommended
  • 428x60px

Vertical (both mobile and desktop):

  • 300×600 – recommended
  • 160×600

Neutral (also considered as ‘universal size banner’ and for both mobile and desktop):

  • 300×250 – recommended

So when a laptop user sees the advertiser’s banner, the 728x90px or 300x250px banner size will be displayed. And if they use a smartphone, 300x250px or 300x600px will be displayed. This solution will bring more audience.

We will announce the launch of the Responsive Ad display when the testing is completed.