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This widget will allow your ads to be accessible easily to users by appearing next to relevant, essential website content. This ensures your offers will reach and engage users more effectively.
An interstitial ad is a banner that is inserted in between page transitions on a website for the purpose of advertising or promotion. Interstitial Ads allows you to display banners on a webpage using a full page lightbox overlay, which ensures better visibility than normal banners.
Pop ads can be three types: pop-up ads, pop-under ads, and new-tab ads. Pop-ads are generally triggered on click events and are rendered in a separate window. Pop ads are the cheapest mode of online advertisement. Pop-ads are served on CPM (Cost Per Mille) pricing model.
People always say a picture is worth more than a thousand words. This is why advertisers might want to consider using banner ads. Banners have to be eye-catching enough to draw the attention of the visitors. IgniterAds supports all industry standard banner dimensions. Banner ad has two parts, graphical image and the click url. Image allows you to catch people’s attention and provide better retention rate.
A text ad is the simplest online ad format offered by IgniterAds. It has four parts: title, description, display url and click url. Ad title is likely to be the most noticed part of your ad, hence include the most relevant keywords in your title. Use the description to add details about your product or services. The display url is used to give a better sense about the ad destination. With the possibility of frequent format changes, very few restrictions and no spending for the development of graphical ad formats, text ads are a pure, yet effective option to advertise across the Internet.
Text + Image ads allows you to create text and image together in a single ad. It is also referred to as Facebook style ads. Images used in this ad format are generally smaller in dimension than normal banner ads. This will ensure higher content richness than the normal text ads and at the same time provide equal focus on both text part and image part of the ad. Text + Image combines all parts of text ad and banner ad and hence it has five parts: title, description, display url, click url and image. Features coming soon.

Case Study 1: Keyword Comparison Based On Average CPC

* As of May 27, 2019

Case Study 2: Total Cost Comparison Based On 1000 Clicks

* As of May 27, 2019



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Specify target time for ad display such as specific hours in a day and specific days in a week. It also allows configuring start and end dates or number of weeks for ad display.

Place your ads based on a keyword. Your ads will only be shown in a keyword-related site.

Target your ads to one or more browser languages. Our ad server will detect the browser language (multiple languages are supported) and render ads based on detected language(s).

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