Multiple Ads Showcase – Desktop/Laptop

ABOVE: 728x90px responsive banner

The ad content shown is based on your current country location.

This is a sample ad for desktop/laptop display. What you see here is a responsive ad. The size of the ad will change when viewed on a desktop/laptop screen. The actual size of the above ad is 728x90px if viewed on desktop/laptop and converted to 300x250px for mobile display.

RIGHT SIDEBAR: 160x600px banner >>

This banner features OARTA ads, which are a combination of pricing models for CPC, CPM and CPA as well as a combination of ad display types such as Banner, Shopping, Text Only and Text + Image. This ad features only available on our platform.

BELOW: 300x250px responsive banner

The actual size of the above ad is 300x250px. It remains the same size either viewing on desktop/laptop or mobile.

RIGHT SIDEBAR: 300x600px banner >>

There are many more sizes for display ads (based on popularity) such as 468x60px, 160x600px, 234x60px, 120x600px and 300x600px.

The ad display below is native ads (OARTA). The layout is 2×2 with a banner size of 200x200px.

BELOW: 2×2 responsive Native Ads with 200x200px image